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  • Wholesale Price China China Supplier Electronic Fiberglass Yarn De75 - High Stiffness of 3D Woven Fabric  – Beihai Fiberglass

    Wholesale Price China China Supplier Electronic Fiberglass Yarn De75 - High Stiffness of 3D Woven Fabric – Beihai Fiberglass

    3-D spacer fabric construction is a newly developed concept. The fabric surfaces are strongly connected to each other by?the vertical pile fibers which are interwoven with the skins. Therefore, the 3-D spacer fabric can provide good skin-core?debonding resistance, excellent durability and superior integrity. In addition, the interstitial space of the construction can be filled?up with foams to provide synergistic support with vertical piles ? ?? Product?Characteristics:The 3-D spacer fa...
  • Professional Design Fiberglass Flower Planter - 3D Fiberglass Woven Fabric  – Beihai Fiberglass

    Professional Design Fiberglass Flower Planter - 3D Fiberglass Woven Fabric – Beihai Fiberglass

    The 3-D spacer fabric consists of two bi-directional woven fabric surfaces, which are mechanically connected with vertical woven piles. And two S-shaped piles combine to form a pillar, 8-shaped in the warp direction and 1-shaped in the weft direction. Product Characteristics The 3-D spacer fabric can be made of glass fiber, carbon fiber or basalt fiber. Also their hybrid fabrics can be produced. The range of the pillar height:3-50 mm, the range of the width:≤3000 mm. The designs of structure ...
  • Hot sale Big Bobbin G150 1/2 Ec9 33tex Fiberglass Yarn - 3d Fiberglass Woven Fabric with High Strength  – Beihai Fiberglass

    Hot sale Big Bobbin G150 1/2 Ec9 33tex Fiberglass Yarn - 3d Fiberglass Woven Fabric with High Strength – Beihai Fiberglass

    3-D spacer fabric construction is a newly developed concept. The fabric surfaces are strongly connected to each other by the vertical pile fibers which are interwoven with the skins. Therefore, the 3-D spacer fabric can provide good skin-core debonding resistance, excellent durability and superior integrity. In addition, the interstitial space of the construction can be filled up with foams to provide synergistic support with vertical piles.? Product?Characteristics: The 3-D spacer fabric co...
  • High reputation 2400tex Fiberglass Direct Roving - E-glass Assembled Roving For Spray up  – Beihai Fiberglass

    High reputation 2400tex Fiberglass Direct Roving - E-glass Assembled Roving For Spray up – Beihai Fiberglass

    E-glass Assembled Roving For Spray up Assembled Roving for spray-up is compatible with UP and VE resins. It delivers properties of low static, excellent dispersion, and good wet out in resins. Features ●Low static ●Excellent dispersion ●Good wet-out in resins Application It covers a wide range of applications: bathtub, FRP boat hulls, various pipes, storage vessels and cooling towers. Product List Item Linear Density Resin Compatibility Features End Use BHSU-01A 2400, 4800...
  • Factory Cheap Hot Fiberglass Woven Roving Fabric - Fiberglass Woven Roving  – Beihai Fiberglass

    Factory Cheap Hot Fiberglass Woven Roving Fabric - Fiberglass Woven Roving – Beihai Fiberglass

    E-Glass Woven Rovings are bidirectional fabric made by interweaving direct rovings. F-E-Glass Woven Rovings are compatible with many resin systems, such as unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins. E-Glass Woven Roving is a high-performance reinforcement widely used in hand lay up and robot processes for the production of boats, vessels, plane and automotive parts, furniture and sports facilities. Product Features: 1.Warp and weft rovings aligned in a parallel and f...
  • China Factory for Fiberglass Sheets For Boats - 3D Inside Core  – Beihai Fiberglass

    China Factory for Fiberglass Sheets For Boats - 3D Inside Core – Beihai Fiberglass

    The 3D GRP inside core brush with glue,then fixed molding.Second put it in mould and foaming.The final product is 3D GRP foam concrete board. Advantage Solve the problem of traditional foam cement :strength low, fragile, easy to crack; greatly improve the pulls strength, compression, bending strength (tensile, compressive strength were more than 0.50MP). With modified foaming formula, so that foam has better thermal insulation performance, lower water absorption.It is the most perfect buildin...
  • OEM China Garden Flower Pots - 3D Inside Core  – Beihai Fiberglass

    OEM China Garden Flower Pots - 3D Inside Core – Beihai Fiberglass

    The 3D GRP inside core brush with glue,then fixed molding.Second put it in mould and foaming.The final product is 3D GRP foam concrete board. Advantage Solve the problem of traditional foam cement :strength low, fragile, easy to crack; greatly improve the pulls strength, compression, bending strength (tensile, compressive strength were more than 0.50MP). With modified foaming formula, so that foam has better thermal insulation performance, lower water absorption.It is the most perfect buildin...
  • OEM China Short Glass Fiber - 3D FRP Panel with resin  – Beihai Fiberglass

    OEM China Short Glass Fiber - 3D FRP Panel with resin – Beihai Fiberglass

    The 3-D Fiberglass Woven fabric can composite with different resins(polyester,Epoxy,Phenolic and etc), then the final product is 3D composite panel. Advantage 1. light weight bur high strength 2. Great resistance against delamination 3. High design – versatility 4. Space between both deck layers can be multifunctional(Embedded with sensors and wires or infused with foam) 5. Simple and effective lamination process 6. Heat insulation and sound insulation, Fireproof, Wave transmittable Applicati...
  • Good User Reputation for Fiberglass Round Flower Pot - 3D FRP Sandwich Panel  – Beihai Fiberglass

    Good User Reputation for Fiberglass Round Flower Pot - 3D FRP Sandwich Panel – Beihai Fiberglass

    3D FRP stiched foam sandwich panel is new process.New process can produce high strength and density of homogeneous composite panel. Sew highdensity PU plate into the special 3 d fabric, through the RTM (vacuum moldig process). Advantage ●Fully Fashioned. ●Panel face is very beautiful, ●High strength. ●One-time finishing, slove the problem of traditional sandwich panel foaming. Structure chart If it is molded in ordinary 3D cloth and then filled with PU foam, the foam will not be uniform, an...
  • Trending Products Fiber Glass Garden Pots - 3D Inside Core  – Beihai Fiberglass

    Trending Products Fiber Glass Garden Pots - 3D Inside Core – Beihai Fiberglass

    The 3D GRP inside core brush with glue,then fixed molding.Second put it in mould and foaming.The final product is 3D GRP foam concrete board. Advantage Solve the problem of traditional foam cement :strength low, fragile, easy to crack; greatly improve the pulls strength, compression, bending strength (tensile, compressive strength were more than 0.50MP). With modified foaming formula, so that foam has better thermal insulation performance, lower water absorption.It is the most perfect buildin...
  • China OEM Nylon Glass Fiber - 3D Fiberglass Woven Fabric  – Beihai Fiberglass

    China OEM Nylon Glass Fiber - 3D Fiberglass Woven Fabric – Beihai Fiberglass

    The 3-D spacer fabric consists of two bi-directional woven fabric surfaces, which are mechanically connected with vertical woven piles. And two S-shaped piles combine to form a pillar, 8-shaped in the warp direction and 1-shaped in the weft direction. Product Characteristics The 3-D spacer fabric can be made of glass fiber, carbon fiber or basalt fiber. Also their hybrid fabrics can be produced. The range of the pillar height:3-50 mm, the range of the width:≤3000 mm. The designs of structure ...
  • 2021 Good Quality Activated Carbon Fiber Textile Cloth - Active Carbon Fiber Fabric  – Beihai Fiberglass

    2021 Good Quality Activated Carbon Fiber Textile Cloth - Active Carbon Fiber Fabric – Beihai Fiberglass

    Active Carbon Fiber Fabric, another name is activated carbon cloth, adopt the macromolecule material to make the good activated carbon powder organically integrated with non-woven cloth, it can not only adsorb the organic chemistry substance, but also can filtrate the ash in air, having the characteristics of stable dimension, low air resistance and high absorption ability. Feature ●High specific surface area ●High strength ●Small pore ●Large electric capacity ●Small air resistance ●Not easy ...
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